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After a few days in Iran, I can’t help but think how tourism could boom here if they just opened it up. There are a few Western tourists (Germans, French, Brits, Dutch) but they all seem to be either on a tour, with a private guide, or visiting relatives. There are also Armenians, Arabs, Lurs, Turkmens, Georgians, Assyrians, and last but not least Jews, who have been living in Iran peacefully for years. Vice President Masoud Soltanifar, who also heads the heritage organization, referred to a tsunami of foreign tourists” currently hitting Iran. Regional air connections are available from within the UK. Please contact your travel consultant for current prices from your nearest city.

Visa strategy: You need to apply on-line at in the same way as you get a USA visa before travel. Michael Pullman, marketing manager of UK-based tour operator Wild Frontiers , which has been taking western tourists to Iran for the past 10 years, said demands for Iran tours have soared since the nuclear deal was reached earlier this week. Consequently, there is a clear opportunity for an influx of international class high-end hotels (which would also take market share from the existing 4 and 5 star hotels) as well as true” luxury brands. Soltanifar was speaking at the official opening of Iran’s biggest five-star hotel, the Espinas Palace hotel, in Tehran.

Commenting on the project in an exclusive interview with Iran Daily, Maria Zarraluqui, the global development managing director of Meliá Hotels International Group, said Iran is a very exciting country with huge tourism potentials and a large number of tourist attractions. During the Achaemenid Empire, Persia controlled most of mashhad hotels what we now call the Middle East , and after Cyrus the Great’s conquest of Ionia, Persia came close to conquering Greece in the Greco-Persian Wars of 499-449 BC. In 331 BC, Alexander conquered (among other things) the entire Persian Empire. Tour and travel agency a leader in all travel related services and tourism in Shiraz.

And it’s my understanding that American tourists must travel as part of a tour group, with a guide, but that the Europeans can get visas that allow them to do independent travel.

Facilitation of visa obtaining for some nationalities, expanding number and destination of flights as well as road and rail transport systems are some tourism infrastructures improved by Iran during past years,” he explained. Travel and tourism accounted for 6.3 percent of Iran’s $482 billion economy in 2012, according to an estimate by the World Economic Forum in a report last year. To covert to Rial, you simply add a zero – therefore my dinner was actually 370,000 Rial.

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In September, French hotel group AccorHotels became the first international hotel chain to venture into Iran for 35 years, after the Islamic revolution led to a number of prominent chains being banned from the country and their hotels being nationalised. Depending on the country, these prices may be shown before tax, inclusive of VAT, or inclusive of all taxes (VAT and tourist tax). Na’in or Naeen or Naein is a small pre-Islamic in central Iran with over 2000 years of history.

It’s a safe bet that most food in Iran is halal (حلال, ḥalāl, halaal) and will conform with Islamic dietary laws as specified in the Qur’an, the exceptions being some shops in districts with large Christian communities. You can get an extension for your transit visa usually valid for five or ten days, inside Iran easily but once for the same number of days as the original visa.

I know that you can take horse-riding tours and travel for weeks through the country on horseback.

Listen to them speak… ‘but there are terrorists there’ (no that’s Iraq (not to mention most of the world)), ‘but women are second class citizens’ (no that’s Saudi Arabia – there are actually more women than men in University education), ‘didn’t they blow up those Buddhist statutes’ (no, that was the Taliban in Afghanistan)… it goes on. The ignorance Iran inspires can almost be painful.

Martha Habermann, who runs a nursing home in upstate New York, called it ”the frisson of doing something adventurous.” Ronald Endeman, a lawyer from San Diego, counted Iran as the 235th country he has visited so far (but then, he counted places like Sicily and Hawaii as countries, too). Afterwards I really want to travel Pakistan and Iran and eventually back to to with my motorcycle and without a guide.

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