The ingredients That Make Zetaclear Effective

The ingredients that make Zetaclear effective

As a form of treatment for the nail fungus, Zetaclear is an effective and sure way of solving your issues about the nail fungus. Apart from killing the nail fungus, Zetaclear assists to clear all the yellow debris of keratin and also promotes the growth of healthier nails as it contains special soothing oils that move under your nails. Besides, this product softens and smoothens your toe skin after every application.

You may be wondering how and why this product is able to do all that. Well, it is due to its main ingredients that range from Antimonium Curdum, Album, Acidum, Sulphur 12X, Mancinella, Thuja Occidentalis, to other ingredients that are inactive such as purified water and 20 percent alcohol. This combination of ingredients works to make Zetaclear an effective and safe product to handle the toenail fungal infection.

Antimonium Curdum

Every ingredient plays it own role and function. For one, the Antimonium Curdum relieves the pain that you experience beneath your nail and encourages the growth of new nails. Also, it removes the discoloration and well as the horny growth under the nail as well as on. Arsenium helps to get rid of the yellow discoloration of nails and can be useful for skin conditions and warts.


Manciella is another ingredient in the Zetaclear and comes from the Caribbean Manchinel milk. This ingredient is highly efficient in the elimination of the burning and dryness sensation felt on your feet soles as well as bluish discoloration.

Nitricum Acidum

The Nitricum Acidum is an ingredient that indeed has many uses. It is utilized in the treatment of sourness and burning, pressure, cramping and stinging pains, shooting and chiiblains. Also, Nitricum Acidum is a good remedy for those with sweating problems, especially on their hands and feet. Moreover, this helps to treat the rough skin as well as the white spots that may appear on your nails.


Also, Zetaclear has got sulphur that is known for its antipsoric and antisepotic properties. It is very useful in the treatment of different types of illnesses and fevers. As far as the issue of toenail infection is concerned, sulphur works best in the treatment of painful corns, finger point’s inflammation and swelling, itchy and hot feet, and nail ulcers. Visit to read more on zetaclear ingredients.

Thuja Occidentalis

Another component of Zetaclear is the Thuja Occidentalis that is, in fact, is an evergreen coniferous tree in the cypress family. This ingredient is known for its effectiveness in the treatment of soft nails, brittle or crumbling nails, hand nails, wart reduction, and even chilblains on toes.

With zetaclears components overview, you can now realize that this product indeed contains natural ingredients that further make it healthier and safe to use. Moreover, zetaclears twenty percent water content as well as purified water further add up to its natural manner of offering a long-lasting solution to your toenail fungal problems.

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